Hello everyone. 
As it is the last week of term this is the final set of videos for Ceilidh band. This week it's Bear Dance - a tune Mrs Cochrane plays with the Duchess's High School Ceilidh band. See how slow then how fast you can play it!
Over the holidays I would like you to keep playing all the tunes you have at home and use as many of these videos as you can to help you.
I am so looking forward to seeing you all in September!
Happy playing.
From Mrs Humphreys.
Hello Everyone
This is a tune called Davy Nick Nack. I have included the sheet music and some videos for you to play along with.
Happy Playing!
Mrs Humphreys
Blaydon Races
A well known north east folk song for you this time - this is quite a tricky one but have a go at playing along with Blaydon Races.
Ryan's Polka
Let's all try remembering Ryan's Polka. Why don't you start by listening to this incredible recording 
If you are very brave you can even try the harder versions over on the Glendale Middle School site 
Happy playing everyone!
Other Music
If you can, please take time to listen to this beautiful improvisation on Pachelbel's Canon. Find a quiet place and close your eyes and just listen for 4 minutes:
My new favourite thing this week for me and you, and your families is the daily 30 minute mixtape of classical music. It is a great way to listen to a variety of music. Here is the link: 


Hello all! I do hope you have been playing music. This week’s we have Eagan's Polka, Peace is Flowing and Seek Ye First.


Hello all! I do hope you have been playing music. This week’s tune to practise is RATTLING BOG.

 I have posted a video of all the penny whistle in RATTLING BOG, along with a copy of the music in case your dog has eaten your folder! It’s going to be sunny this week; perhaps you can play in the garden if you have one. Can you play from memory?

Happy playing. I will post another piece next week.