Our Vision for Early Years at Wooler First School

We want all our children to be creative, independent learners. We are a small school with caring practitioners who know the children really well, identifying talents and abilities whilst supporting and providing challenges in individual learning. We love play and our curriculum is proudly based around it. High levels of involvement occur with the children when they lead the learning.  We have a great family and community spirit, working closely with parents, carers, other settings and schools to ensure the best possible start for our children. Our wonderful workshop style environment in both Nursery and Reception reflects our child led ethos. Our fabulous outdoor play area and school grounds support an active Forest School and an abundance of quality physical play. This enables every child to learn outdoors, stimulating their inquisitive and creative minds.

Miss Symons and the Early Years team, September 2020

Today I visited the great EYFS team at Wooler first School in Northumberland. What a joy  to spend the day there, observing children who are trusted and enabled to follow their interests with support from attuned adults. They constantly live up to that trust by challenging themselves within the inspirational yet simple environment provided for them. Highly recommend a visit here to anyone in the area.
Quote from Kym Scott, national EY trainer and consultant