Little Acorns Nursery Funding for 2 Year olds.

Did you know that some families are entitled to up to 15 hours of funded childcare for their 2 year-old?

Wooler First School provides both funded childcare sessions to eligible 2 year-olds, as well as fee-paying sessions in Little Acorns.

There are now two different types of potential funding for 2 year olds:

* 15hrs funding for children with working parents (this needs to be applied for by the parent)            * 15hrs funding for children if their parents are in receipt of certain benefits (the admin assistant can check if you are eligible for this).

Please visit for more information on funding types available or to check eligibility criteria. If you have any funding queries, please contact Gillian in the Nursery on (01668) 282296 or by email -

To enquire about places in Little Acorns, please contact Gillian.