Staff Training and CPD

As an Early Years staff we are very proactive in identifying training needs and moving our own learning forward.
Recently, we have used Julie Fisher's book Interacting or Interfering to evaluate our own practice and environment. Our desire to raise standards in writing have led to Miss Symons organising some training for 25 practitioners at Wooler First School - in Writing in the Early Years. 
All staff take part in moderation in a number of ways:
 School based: with colleagues we work with and colleagues from further up the school
Local Authority: with colleagues from across the county & at end of year to look at ELGs. The setting was externally moderated in May 2018, where judgements were robust and accurate. 
Cluster group: There are termly meeting across a number of local schools which are attended by Early Years staff.
We have also been active in creating a document that supports accurate assessment at the end of Nursery and Beginning of Reception. Alongside other local schools we have formed a detailed assessment that is going to be trialled in the Summer 2018 - Autumn 2018 terms. reflection and adaptations will be part of the process.
Miss Symons is also involved with a North East branch of 'Keeping Early Years Unique' - a Facebook group of like minded practitioners who believe in putting the child at the centre of what we do.  In October 2019 we were lucky to have Kym Scott visit our setting to work alongside staff and leaders to identify further areas for improvement.